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The Technique of Kite Fishing for Sailfish was Developed in Miami


Fishing Techniques and Types of Fishing Trips

We use several fishing methods and techniques on our fishing trips which depart from Bayside Marketplace in Miami. We welcome anglers of all experience, from beginners to tournament pros. We'll provide as much or as little help and guidance as you want.

Kite Fishing

When the current is running, especially in the fall and winter months, the fish can dependably be found in certain depths. By flying a special fishing kite which suspends the live baits near the surface, anglers can literally see the sailfish and other species come up and take the baits.

So we’re going fishing, and we’re going to fly a kite?

Angler fishing in Miami.While kite fishing and depending on conditions, we usually use a setup which involves putting other baits from the outriggers, flat lines, subsurface baits and bottom baits – essentially blanketing the entire water column.  So no matter where the fish are, we have a bait nearby.

One of the benefits of kite fishing is the distress signals sent out by the live baits hanging from the kite, struggling to find safety in the depths.  The sound and vibrations of the swimming baits are like a dinner bell to any fish in the area.

Baits used on the kite include live herring, pilchards or goggle eye. One tip when kite fishing - try and change the bait up a little and pay attention to bites. If one bait is proving successful, add in more of that bait.

There is nothing more exciting in sportfishing than seeing a sailfish, dolphin or tuna grab the bait and start peeling line off your reel. And then the fight is on!

Displaying a dolphin (mahi-mahi) caught in Miami.Species targeted while kite fishing include:

  • Sailfish
  • Dolphin
  • Tunas
  • Wahoo
  • Barracuda
  • Sharks
  • White Marlin
  • Blue Marlin


On the odd days that there is just  no current, trolling is the way to fish. By moving around with baits and lures on top and beneath the water surface, the captain can find where the fish are hiding. Trolling is also a productive way to fish offshore for dolphin and wahoo.  Captain John has fished the Miami area for over 40 years and knows how to read the waters.

Deep DroppingTile fish catch.

When the conditions are right – lite currents and calm waters - the crew can send baits down to extreme depths in search of tile fish (right), queen snappers, snowy groupers and scorpion fish.  Fishing extreme depth requires extreme equipment – the crew uses a 24 volt Lindgren Pitman electric reel capable of reaching the depths, and the power to wench up whatever bites.  As with all other forms of fishing, other baits are deployed in case a dolphin or other pelagic happens by.

Shark Fishing

Captain John Anthony and guest with a big fish.The king of the ocean is a handful to fight! We have several species of sharks off Miami, golden hammerhead, tiger, dusky, blacktip, and more. We drop a special bait on the bottom, special baits and slabs in the outriggers and  wait. You will never forget a battle with a shark – some anglers have likened the fight to trying to bring a truck to the boat. While shark fishing, dolphin and other pelagics sometimes attack the outrigger baits then the fire drill is on!

Wreck Fishing

Off Miami’s coast are dozens of artificial wrecks to attract fish. During the Spring, larger amberjacks and other jacks invade the area. Dropping special live baits on these wrecks can produce some great catches:

  • Golden Amberjack
  • Groupers
  • Snappers
  • Cobia

Night-time Swordfishing

During the full moon, and with calm seas, the swordfish bite offshore can be very enticing. Bring your cards and your patience. The bite can be very easy to miss. Also mako sharks and other large sharks can be hooked in these deep waters.


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