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Aggressive Sailfish

Report Date: February 28, 2013

We've had a few convention trips this past week.

We've spent the morning loading up on live bait and then headed off to the edge. Before we could get the first kite bait fully deployed and a sailfish was chasing it as the bait skipped across the water. Luckily, we noticed what was happening and allowed the fish to eat, and the fight was on.

This first sailfish was extremely acrobatic and jumping like an Olympic hurdler. The fish was about 60 feet from the boat when the feel of the fish changed. The jumps and runs were changed to a steady pull. Realizing that the fish had tail-wrapped itself, we began backing down on the fish while the angler put maximum pressure to shorten the fight. As expected, the sailfish came to the boat tail first. We quickly, leadered the fish and freed the line, tagged him, and it swam away seemingly not worse for the wear.

Later in the day we tussled with a small black tip shark that devoured the short kite bait – it was released. The rest of the day, saw a few bonita enter the spread and wreak havoc in the spread. The happy anglers were returned back to the dock with stories to tell.

Captain John


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