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Family Challenge

Report Date: August 24, 2017

A family joined the Blue Waters 2 for the 5 hour morning special. The father told Captain John that he hoped they would catch some fish. The father had fished in Maui all day and not seen a fish. Hearing this, John started trolling the 150-200' depths where the kingfish and bomber bonitas have been active. True to form, the first bite was a large bonita. Then a double header mahi-mahi!

There was a small current edge and weed in 200' John continued the troll and the family captured mahi, blackfin tuna, barracuda, and a few kingfish. It was an action filled morning and the group was all smiles when they returned to the dock.

A reminder that this time of year, the dolphin can be captured in shallower waters - look for the first color change and give it a hard look. This same morning the boats 10 miles offshore were releasing more dolphin than they could keep due to the size of the fish.

Captain John's favorite lures for dolphin fishing are multi colored feathers, mylars, and pink or orange skirts on the ballyhoo. And of course a planner with a lure on a long leader for the deep wahoo.

The five hour morning special continues this fall. Text or call for reservations.

Captain John Barker


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