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Golden Tile Fish Saves the Day

Report Date: February 19, 2013

On Monday, we set out for a fast half day fishing trip. We were entertaining a group of top sellers for a company. We stopped at the station to bait fish with sabiki rigs. The anglers had a blast catching herring, pilchards, and the unintended Spanish mackerel.

We then found the edge in about 120' and set up to kite fish. The first bait hit the water and a sailfish was on! The fish ate the bait and then charged the boat. Captain John had to bury the throttles to get tight with the fish and then the fight was on. The fish really did acrobatics but was brought to the boat to be released with the proud angler smiling from ear to ear.

The kite baits when back out and a kingfish sky rocketed on the long taking just the tail of the bait as he swam off. More baits went out, and a big bonita, a second sailfish, and a sizable kingfish were captured. Out of time the exhausted but happy crew returned to the dock.

On Tuesday, we set out on another half day trip in the morning ready for action with junior anglers. Live bait was very scarce so we started out trolling. There was just no edge or current to be found.

Undaunted, Captain John made his way south to some secret spots and sent the electric reel rig down to 620' for tile fish. The drop was successful and a nice tile fish was boated. Down the rig went again and again the bite was on! The junior anglers were very excited with the action and the colors on the fish. All too soon it was time to return to the dock and take more pictures.

The party had a fun time and vowed to return again.

Captain John


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