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Kingfishing and Sharking

Report Date: March 25, 2013

Took a family of three out for a six hour trip. The family really wanted to catch a sailfish but the conditions were tuff with no wind and no current.

The crew shifted gears and put live baits in the outriggers and a live herring on the down line. The first long rigged popped off. After a little action, the we put a average sized kingfish in the box. Then the bottom line got slammed with the rod tip almost reaching the gunnel and the fight was on. The reel only had 25 lb. test line and a two foot light wire leader. The father and son tag-teamed the fish for two hours. They were rewarded by the sight of a 7' reef shark that was brought to the boat and released.

The day came to a close with a huge kingfish skyrocketing on the short rigger bait. After a long drag screaming run, the anglers played the fish, and surprising, it was boated in rather short order.

The family outing ended with a scenic ride back to the docks in downtown Miami. Everyone was tired but really happy.

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