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Sailfish, Kings, a Birthday and Beautiful Weather

Report Date: January 17, 2013

We celebrated a birthday/fishing party by fishing this Wednesday. After catching a variety of pilchards and herring at one of our bait spots, we headed out to the edge of reef and set up a kite fishing spread for a half-day of sailfishing.

The bite was slow at first with a few hits on the bottom rig, but then the bait on the long kite went nuts. There was definitely something trying to make a meal of him. Soon we saw what it was, a sailfish had finally captured the herring and the fight was on. Bill, our birthday person, fought the sail on light stand-up tackle. The battle lasted just a few minutes, but Bill got his birthday wish and the sail was brought boat-side, tagged and released.

The kite baits saw more action later in the morning with a few more kingfish bites. All in all, another beautiful day to be on the water in South Florida, mid-January and temperatures in the eighties.

If you're on the docks, come by and say hi!

Capt. Jon Barker


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