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Sounding Sailfish

Report Date: April 9, 2013

A family of four booked an afternoon of fun aboard the Blue Waters II. The girls took turns catching herring on the bait rods - they had a blast. The four-year-old captured four herring on one rig which made her day.

Once the bait fishing was completed, the crew moved the boat out to the edge of the reef and launched the loaded the kite and riggers with live baits. A large kingfish skyrocketed on the long kite bait and the fight was on. He was boated along with four large bonitos, but no sailfish.

Just as the time was winding down, a frisky sailfish launched on the short kite and tail-walked away with the bait. The sailfish was well hooked and took off East, into deeper water. Dad was on the spinner outfit in an instant and he worked the line as the captain backed down. The sailfish sounded and a tug-a-war ensued. After what seemed like nearly an hour, the sailfish was finally brought boatside, tagged and released. A weary but happy dad said "wind them up" and we headed back to the dock - Miamarina at Bayside.

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