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Three Friends Fishing Miami

Report Date: April 26, 2013

A group of three friends booked a half day charter on the Blue Waters II just to celebrate the spring weather. The two ladies had never fished and their friend, Michael, was the lone experienced fisherman of the bunch.

As unusual, we made a bait stop at the range marker. The anglers quickly loaded up on threadfin hearing. It wasn't long before the captain pointed the boat eastward and headed off to the color change. Upon arriving at the edge of the reef, the color change was quite dramatic. The color change is where the green reef water meets the blue ocean water, and some days the colors can be strikingly beautiful, today was one of those days.

Despite the picture-perfect conditions, the action started out quite slowly. First, a rather large common bonita leap-frogged toward the long kite bait and was quickly hooked. The fish was on and the girls yelled for Michael to come to the rescue. Michael was busy down below, so the ladies had no choice but to start cranking. They had the fish boat side in short order. This was to be the pattern for the day. The entire trip, every time Michael would go to the head or forward to fix a snack, the lines would snap out of the riggers and reels began to sing.

The ladies ended up capturing all the fish that morning - four bonito and two nice schoolie dolphin. Fun was had by all and Michael took some ribbing on the way back to the dock.

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