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Deep Sea Fishing Charters Departing from Miami's Bayside Marketplace


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

What should I bring for the fishing trip?
Great items to bring with you are a hat or visor, sunglasses, sunscreen and a light jacket (in wintertime). If your charter in the morning, please arrange for us to have coffee or bring your own. Once you’re at our dock, there is nowhere to purchase coffee.

How can I get my fish mounted?
We are Gray Taxidermy agents and can arrange to mount any of the fish you desire. We encourage release mounts - Gray has molds for all species of fish in all sizes and can easily duplicate your trophy fish. We will also document your catch with pictures and measurements.

How can I get my fish cooked?
Good question. We have special arrangements with restaurants on premises. They will prepare your fish and make it a meal with side dishes and beverages for a reasonable fee.

Do I get the fish I catch?
Yes, the fish your party catches are yours. We will cheerfully fillet or steak your catch for you. We do not ship fish: you will have to make your own shipping arrangements.



Blue Waters II
Bayside Marketplace, Pier 5, Slip 15
Miami, FL 33132

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